What is your process for preserving my flowers?

Captured Memories utilizes a state-of-art process known as a freeze-drying to preserve your flowers. During this process, the freeze-drying equipment slowly removes moisture while the flowers are in their frozen state which eliminates most shrinkage, distortion, and color loss. The freeze-dry process can last from two to three weeks and is the best method known for preserving your flowers.

How long does floral preservation take?

Our current turnaround time is four to six weeks for PetalGems® sterling silver jewelry and eight to ten weeks for 3-dimensional orders (ornaments, bubble domes, and shadow boxes) providing that we receive all of your accessories and deposits. This turnaround time cannot be guaranteed and typically fluctuates with the busy bridal season.

Do preserved flowers change color?

Some colors, such as dark red, will tend to deepen in color while whites may take on more of an ivory appearance. We will take every step to minimize these shade changes during our pre and post color treatment processes. We cannot guarantee that flower shades will be perfectly matched.

Why are your prices so much more affordable than the competitions?

Captured Memories strives to perform as many of the production operations in-house as possible including the manufacture of all of our own shadow boxes and the designing, casting, and production of our exclusive line of PetalGems® sterling silver jewellery. This allows us to eliminate the middle-man for many operations and the subsequent delivery and production delays that typically result from relying on others. We find that our production process simply runs smoother and more efficient with fewer entities involved and we pass those saving on to you.

Isn’t there a cheaper method for preserving my flowers?

Not unless you are willing to settle for a shrivelled and faded remnant of your original floral arrangement. There are several methods listed on social media (hanging bouquet upside down, silica gel, etc.) that claim to give good results but freeze-drying is the best method known for preserving your flowers. The shape, texture, and color of your preserved flowers will look just as beautiful as the fresh flowers of your special day.

Our floral preservation process is extremely detailed, and each bloom must be handled multiple times to produce quality results. We do not take short cuts which is the primary reasons why we receive glowing reviews. Our process includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Receiving- We will be immediately photograph your floral arrangement from multiple angles when it arrives at our facility.
  • Inventory- The arrangement is then carefully disassembled, one flower at a time, and inventoried along with the other items that may have been included with the floral arrangement (invitation, ribbons, pictures, jewels, etc.).
  • Rehydration- Each stem is trimmed approximately 1” below the calyx and the flower is rehydrated using a warm water nutrition solution and then hardened off in floral coolers for at least 24 hours.
  • Trimming- Each flower is carefully inspected and any wilted or damaged petals are carefully trimmed by hand to expose the flower’s best attributes.
  • Pre-treatment- We then carefully pre-treat each flower with a variety of polymers that shatter proof the flowers and help set their natural color.
  • Holding freezer- Your flowers a racked and placed in a holding freezer until space in one of our freeze-dryers is available.
  • Freeze-drying- The flowers are then placed in one of our state-of-the-art freeze-dry units that slowly removes the moisture while the flowers are in their frozen state eliminating most shrinkage and shrivelling. Depending upon the type of flowers involved, the process can last up to two or three weeks.
  • Color enhancement- After your flowers are removed from the freeze-drying process we individually stem and air-brush each bloom and piece of greenery. This is a labor intensive and slow process.
  • Post-treatment- A special coating is then applied to seal and add durability to each flower.
  • Reassembly- Each flower is carefully re-assembled into an arrangement according to the pictures and notes that were recorded during your original consultation.
  • UV Treatment- The arrangement is again sprayed with a special coating that blocks the harmful effects of UV light.
  • Mounting- The arrangement is attached within the keepsake of your choice and combined with any accessories that were requested.
  • Closure- The keepsake is sealed in a manner that eliminates the possibility of air and moisture damaging your precious arrangement.

The process of preserving your flowers also requires expensive technology in the form of freeze‑dry equipment. Each machine can only handle a limited amount of flowers per cycle which can last up to three weeks, depending on what kinds of flowers are being processed. Additionally, much time and expense is spent in preparing frames and assembling shadow boxes in our woodworking department.

Do I need to select a display for my bridal bouquet now?

No, Captured Memories typically request a non-refundable down payment for the start of the pretreatment and freeze drying process when flowers are delivered. However, if you are undecided about your display choice you can still deliver or ship your bouquet to our facility with a minimum non-refundable down payment of $200, which will apply directly to the final package price. A final keepsake decision is required within 4 weeks.

How soon do you need my flowers to preserve them?

For bouquets, the sooner we receive your flowers the better the end result! Ideally, your flowers should arrive at our design studio within 3 days of the event but we’ve process bouquets that were over a week old with good results. Flowers that arrive in poor condition may require additional hydration, extensive trimming or in the worst case, replacement. Reasonable additional fees may apply but we will consult with you first.

How should I care for my flowers if I can’t immediately deliver or ship them to Captured Memories?

If your flowers are attached to a green foam oasis you should run cool water over the oasis until it is fully saturated. Otherwise, you should place your flowers into a vase with cool water. The flowers should  then be placed into a refrigerator. Be careful to not let your flowers freeze or to store them with fruits and vegetables as this may cause them to brown and wilt. Place a plastic bag over your flowers if you need to transport them outside during the cold winter months.

How do I Deliver my bouquet to your facility for preservation?

Bismarck, ND Area Customers: Please call Captured Memories at 701-400-6162 to schedule an appointment to deliver your flowers to our facility.

Bismarck, ND Region Customers: For some customers whose event occurred in the 4-state region of ND, SD, MT, and MN, it may be possible to find someone who participated that will be returning home through Bismarck, ND. These individuals are often willing to deliver your flowers to our facility and we are more than willing to meet them at their convenience. Please call Captured Memories to schedule an approximate time when the delivery will occur.

All other Customers (Quick-Ship): By simply paying a $50 non-refundable down payment towards your keepsake, Captured Memories will deliver to your address a Quick-Ship Box for the easy shipment of your fresh flowers to our facility. The Quick-Ship box is provided free of charge; however, you will be required to pay the shipping charges of sending your bouquet to our facility. Your Quick-Ship kit will come with all the necessary packing materials and directions for shipping your flowers to us. Please call Captured Memories at 701-400-6162 to discuss preserving your bouquet and to order a Quick-Ship box.

Shipping Methods

UPS Next Day Air: Guarantees flowers will arrive sometime next day. Most expensive and usually excessive.

UPS Next Day Air Saver: Less expensive than Next Day Air and flowers faithfully arrive in the afternoon on the next business day.

UPS 2nd Day Air: Less expensive than Next Day Air Saver but with a SLIGHT risk of flower deterioration. This is a great option as long as the Quick-Ship packing instructions are followed.

UPS Ground: If you live in North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, or Minnesota you may be able to utilize the UPS Ground service and your flowers will arrive at our facility overnight or within two days. Ask your shipping service provider about this inexpensive shipping option.

 The U.S. Post Service has improved its reliability with its Priority Mail option that typically delivers your bouquet within two days for about half of what UPS 2nd Day costs. Call your local branch for price quotes and options.

Click HERE for additional instructions on how to pack and ship your bouquet utilizing our Quick-Ship box.

How much does floral preservation cost?

Pricing is based on the type and size of the display that you select. We offer display options ranging in price from $79 to over $800, with the average being between $250-$450.  If you are uncertain about your keepsake choice for full bouquets, we can still start the process with a minimum deposit of $200. Once you select a display, we ask for 50% of the order total as a deposit, with the balance due upon completion. (Special payment plans can be arranged, please call for details).

How dO i care for my keepsake?

A few simple steps will help your keepsake to retain its beauty. Do not spray glass cleaner directly onto the glass or dome of a display. Always spray the cleaner on a clean cloth and then wipe the area to remove dust, fingerprints etc. Some of the decorative frames that we utilized for shadow boxes or bubble domes have very delicate finishes that should only be cleaned with a soft feather duster. For any frame with an acrylic surface (bubble domes), use acrylic cleaner instead of glass cleaner.

How long will my freeze dried preserved flowers last?

Captured Memories utilizes the most advanced pre and post-treatment processes developed and has invested heavily in modern freeze-drying equipment to insure that your keepsake will last for years or possibly a lifetime. Over those years, some flower shades may antique or soften, but the overall shape and appearance of your piece will remain beautiful. The most critical factors that affect the longevity of your keepsake include the amount of sunlight, heat, humidity and temperature fluctuations that your flowers are exposed to in your home. To minimize the exposure to these elements, never display your flowers in direct sun light or by a heat source. This includes fireplaces, spotlights, heating vents or humid area, such as a bathroom. Interior rooms of your home typically are the best location choice. Exterior walls can experience temperature changes of 10 degrees or more which can draw moisture and contaminants through even the most advanced sealants. Other factors that affect the longevity of your keepsake include the flower’s age and condition upon their arrival at our facility.

Will you preserve my flowers without mounting them in a keepsake display?

No. Freeze-dried flowers need to be placed into a keepsake display to properly preserve them. The keepsake display helps protect the preserved flowers from dust, moisture, UV light, and insects and gives the preserved flowers longevity.

How many flowers do I need to preserve in order to create a piece of PetalGems® Jewelry?

It only takes four to six typically-sized petals from your floral arrangement for each color that you request in the stone of your PetalGems® Jewelry. If you are looking to have multiple pieces made as gifts, please call us, so we can give you an estimate of how many flowers it will take to create your custom pieces.

Click HERE for additional instructions on shipping your fresh flowers for PetalGems® Processing.

Can I create PetalGems® Jewelry from the dried flowers that I saved from a special event?

Yes! We can take the flowers you dried at home from a special event and make them into PetalGems® Jewelry. Just bring your flowers into our showroom location or ship them to us and we will create a unique wearable piece of jewelry that you can enjoy every day. If possible, include a picture of the original arrangement so that we can tint the colors of the potentially faded flowers.

Click HERE for additional instructions on shipping your dried flowers for PetalGems® Processing.