Freeze-drying is the best method known for preserving your flowers. The shape, texture, and color of your preserved flowers will look just as beautiful as the fresh flowers of your special day. Whether framed in a shadow box, encased in a glass dome, or adorned in our custom line of PetalGems Jewelry, your keepsake will provide you with lasting memories.

Fresh Flower Care- It is essential that your fresh flowers and bouquets are delivered to us as soon as possible after your special occasion. For best results, we should receive your flowers within 1 to 4 days after the event.  Prior to delivery, you should place the stems of your flowers in water and store in the refrigerator. Be careful to not let your flowers freeze or to store them with fruits and vegetables as this may cause them to brown and wilt. During the cold winter months, it is best to place a plastic bag over your flowers whenever you transport them.

Shipping Fresh Flowers-If you cannot arrange for your flowers to be delivered by person, don't worry CM can ship you a insulated floral box. Please call CM at your earliest convenience and we will do our best to arrange delivery.  For information on how to package and ship your flowers, click here to view our Documents & Download link.

Receiving- Upon receiving your floral arrangement, we will be immediately photograph it from multiple angles. The arrangement is then carefully disassembled, one flower at a time, and inventoried along with the other items that may have been included with the floral arrangement (invitation, ribbons, pictures, jewels, etc.).

Rehydration- Each flower is rehydrated using a warm water nutrition solution and then hardened off in floral coolers for at least 24 hours.

Pre-treatment- We then carefully pre-treat each flower with a variety of polymers that shatter proof the flowers and help set the natural color.

Freeze-drying- The flowers are then placed in a state-of-the-art freeze-drying unit that slowly removes the moisture while the flowers are in their frozen state which eliminates most shrinkage and shriveling. The process can last from two to three weeks.

Post-treatment- The freeze-dried flowers are then post-treated with solutions that add durability and seal the flowers from the harmful effects of humidity and UV light.  The flowers are color enhanced and coated to retard premature fading.

Reassembly- Each flower is carefully adhered into a special display case according to the pictures and notes that were recorded during your original consultation. The arrangement is combined with any accessories that were requested and sealed in a manner that eliminates the possibility of air and moisture damaging your precious keepsake. Your keepsake is a work of art and, with the time-consuming freeze-drying process and final designing,  can take 6-10 weeks to or longer to complete.